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AirScooter II Personal Aircraft

Feast your eyes upon the AirScooter II. It’s pretty nice & shiny, isn’t it? You want one, don’t you? I know you do.

The AirScooter II is a personal aircraft that can hover or even fly up to 55 knots. Now, that’s a lot of knots.

The personal aircraft uses two rotors in a similar fashion to helicopters, but is much easier to fly & maintain control. The flight controls are similar to motorcycle controls and there are absolutely no foot petals, so those who do not have use of their legs can now have & fly the AirScooter II.

Zero-Gee Ergonomic Computer & Gaming Workstation Rules!

think I will just toss the fresh from the printer letter to my boss for a new chair & send them this link. That’s all that needs to done, after I discovered the Zero-Gee Ergonomic Computer & Gaming Workstation.

I mean, come on! This thing rocks! I don’t care if you’re sleeping, watching a movie, or oh yeah, working, this workstation looks amazing. You know, I think it’s actually gonna change my life….. I mean my work progress.

Featuring a revolutionary ergonomic design, the Zero-Gee will allow you to work for hours at a time without feeling the discomfort of back soreness. I’m totally in. Do they come in hot pink?!!!!

24 Carat Gold Wristwatch Table

So, it’s not every day you don’t now whether to put a post in ‘Furniture’ or ‘Jewelry’, but then again, not every day brings you a 24 Carat Gold Wristwatch Table.

Say hello to the first & last wristwatch table you will ever need to buy. Featuring an LED which displays the time, of course, as well as the date, temperature and your choice of welcoming words. I mean, what more could you ask for? Except maybe something a little more understated….

Cost for this most amazing thing, $43,150. Get you one today.

Matrix Unplugged Chair Drops Jaws

If you have everything, then it’s time to get at least two Matrix Unplugged chairs to fill up that estate of yours.

Yes, a remake of the Matrix film’s infamous chairs, this Matrix Unlpugged Chair is not only a conversation starter, it actually looks kinda comfy. Actually crafted from the torpedo lifting jaws of a nuclear submarine, you will feel like you rule more than the waters. And at a cost of $37,000, maybe you do….

Philips dan Swarovski Active Crystal Computer Gear

Ahh, luxury. What would we do without it? Say hello to Philips’ Swarovski Active Crystal Computer Gear which will surely be on your or your girlfriend’s holiday list by the end of the year, I assure you.

Available in August, these Swarovski Crystal computer gadgets take “technology to a fashionable new level for women.” From earbuds to the heart-shaped USB memory pendant that can store up to 1G of your favorite tunes, this is a fabulous example of what money can truly buy.

Montage Elite Luxury Massage Chair

Say hello to your new best friend, the Montage Elite Luxury Massage Chair. This little baby is going to make all your dreams come true with the touch of a button.

Featuring a control panel that allows an infra red scan to detect the various acupoints in your back, this massage chair is truly a piece of customizable luxury. With five automatic programs, four manual massage programs & four back courses, this chair lacks nothing.

Cost, $4,250.