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A creative collection of vases


Not merely containers for flowers, vases themselves are decorations, especially the innovative and elegant ones as followings

3D Posters


Posters are the most widely-adopted advertisements, and we can find them in the street, in a cinema, on a bus. They’re everywhere, and they’re all 2D posters, with attracting colors, pictures, but seldom a stereoscopic impression. And we say, we want something different, we do need a change. Moreover, even the designers also claimed that they hated 2D posters, and they’ve come up with the innovative 3D posters.

The Pinch Light


Has Shinyoung Ma ever developed photographs in a dark room? If not, why was the pinch lighting design invented? But what is sure to us is that these lights will create you different atmospheres, according to your moods. Of course, it won’t give out strong light, but will bring you more ideas and creativities.

The Pinch Light


Has Shinyoung Ma ever developed photographs in a dark room? If not, why was the pinch lighting design invented? But what is sure to us is that these lights will create you different atmospheres, according to your moods. Of course, it won’t give out strong light, but will bring you more ideas and creativities.

Twin Robots


Let me see …well, the twin robots are just like the two sides of a coin, one is an angle and the other is a devil. For example, when you play chess, the black robot will mess up the chessboard while the white one will guide you a clever move. Preparing a vacation? The black would have already made a flight reservation to Bali Island for you, using your credit card of course, and the white robot? Wow, the considerate guy has collected up your luggage. Not that the white robot is better than the black, but only with both they two, life will truly be splendid.

Everyday is a special day.


Called Everyday Special, 366 unique watches are included in the new watch series by Crispin Jones, to commemorate every special day during the year. Each watch features a fixed time, with the month written on the hour hand and the day on the minute hand. So what date is significant to you?



Single lens reflex cameras, automatic miniature cameras, different cameras perform differently in focusing, imaging, but they still have certain things in common. At least, they’re all square, rigid square. But the NOVA Concept DSLR is not included. Yes, it’s merely a concept at present, but seeing the camera on the market will have been worth our wait.

Integrated Watch


It’s an integrated watch without anything but a dial plate. Not the designer Dave Prince is too careless to forget equipping the hour hand and the minute hand, but he is intended to show you the time in another way—by the light leaked from the interstice.




Designer: Dave Prince

DIY Twine Snowmen


Christmas is hanging around, and you and I are looking forward to receiving best wishes and gifts from others, right? Everyone does so. But what have you prepared for others? If I were you, I would not be bothered by gifts, as I’ve decided to DIY some twine snowmen for my buddies.

Mechanical Mobile


Those who love mobile games surely know the problem in supporting them, yes, you have to charge the phone from time to time and that really bothers you a lot. Mikhail Stawsky’s ‘Mikhail Stawsky’ here seems to be an ideal solution to that problem. No longer need an extra charger; you can just spin the phone around your finger to charge it. Well, I wish this were not merely a conceptual product.


Bionic eye implant helps a blind see again


Congratulations to Peter Lane, because he could see the world again, though partially, after had been blind for over twenty years. Peter was the first blind people to be implanted with a bionic eye at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

Kohjinsha’s dual-screen DZ Series laptop


Kohjinsha’s laptops the DZ series Dual Screen notebooks are accelerating the development of computers. It features a pair of 10.1-inch TFT displays, each coming with a 1,024 x 600 pixel resolution. Though it has one more screen than normal PCs, it isn’t heavy however, and weighs merely 1.84 kg. Check the video below for a sliding action.

Solar-powered Hat and Gloves


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep our heads and hands warm relying on the nature energy rather than electric power? After all, the nature is the original of everything, certainly including us human beings. Yiran Qian’s ‘Endless Warm’ concept is easy to understand. The new hats and gloves will be powered by solar energy to keep us warm and comfortable, therefore to save the limited electricity and mineral energy. Does that really work? We won’t get a sure answer before the products really come to us.


The clock tells time with words.


Almost all the digital watches nowadays show the time by electronically lit up numbers, e.g.22:20 and we have been quite accustomed to that. So what if a clock tells time in words, say, “It’s about three”? You feel a bit out of it?

Shaped like a towel rack, the innovative clock includes two parts. As you can see, on the left are sentences like ‘ten minutes past’, while on the right are numbers. And when you read the sentence from the left end, a complete sentence will tell the time, “It’s five past three”. Woo, really interesting, I’ll take one.

DIY Net-enabled Cat Feeder


Possibly no feeder on the market is good enough to take care of Mathew Newton’s cat, so finally the British man decided to DIY a cat feeder and he succeeded! The new cat feeder is actually a motor-driven cereal dispenser controlled by signal from port status LEDs equipped on a Cisco switch. As a result, even if you’re far away from your kitty, you can still feed it via a web interface. Great! Those who also love pets may follow Mathew Newton’s example, and try to invent more devices all by yourselves.

The ‘Piece of Cake’ lets you going Dutch with CC


Going Dutch with credit card? Not that is impossible, but the idea just reminds me of an impressed scene of the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’. When Rebecca wanted to buy a green scarf, the crazy girl swiped almost all her cards to pay for it. Won’t that embarrass you in a similar situation? But to guys who love going Dutch with CC, they’re sure to love the ‘Piece of Cake’, a device that allows everyone to pay for their shares by CC.

Orangin Citrus Squeezer by Jaren Goh


It’s an orange/citrus squeezer, but not a fruit juicer that accepts any fruit. Yes, merely for orange and citrus. Why, you may ask, the squeezer is not suitable to other kinds of fruit like mango, watermelon or apple? Its unique constructer may be the main reason. As you can see from the pictures, the Orangin Citrus Squeezer works in more or less the same way as a hand-crank pencil sharpener, and the machine produces juice by constantly squeezing the fruit. But only orange juice is enough for me, I love it!




Camera Cube keeps photos straight

Keep your images straight and level with camera Cube.

Budding photographers tired of their images looking like a bad guy leir in Batman may want to pick up the Camera Cube to keep their balanced and straight.

Based on the same design as a contractor’s construction level, the bubble design enables photographers to precisely align their camera on all three axis’ to create a solidly level image. All your camera needs is a hot shoe flash mount to snap the cube on top of. Then users merely make sure the bubbles are within the leveling lines.

Features include:

• Attaches to any hot shoe
• Perfectly level photos, every time
• 1″ x 1″ x 1″ cube
• Spend less time editing, more time shooting
• 3-axis level so you can shoot horizontally or vertically

And while it will help anyone take a straighter image, when composing an image, chances are you’ll lose the composition while looking up to see if the bubbles are within the leveling lines. So the Camera Cube is probably better suited for when photographers are using tripods for those locked down, stable images. And with a tripod’s three adjustable legs, sometimes it helps to have a measurement to be sure that all three legs are evenly adjusted up or down. And the CamCube comes in handy for that as well.

All for only $15.

Loaded Dice

Drinking Gadgets
Like drinking games? How about the Loaded Dice? As with any good and self-respecting drinking game, this one is extremely easy to learn – all you need to do is fill the shot glass and slam it down, performing whatever you need to do according to the throw of the dice. The more intoxicated you get, the less inhibitions you have to perform according to the instructions given! This will definitely help you grow a pot belly in no time if you knock back a considerable number of glasses each time you play, but at least you have good fun while you’re at it!

AIDA: A robot head on your dashboard to show you the way

GPS gadgetsImagine if you were to chop off Johnny Five’s head and put him on your dashboard. I realize that sounds gruesome, and I’m sure someone actually did that at the end of the original Short Circuit, but just imagine that cute little head on your dash having loving expressions, and showing you the way to go home.

This is essentially the role of AIDA (Affective Intelligent Driving Assistant). This robot head not only serves as a GPS Navigation system, but it actually has expressions. It’s eyes will look happy when you’re going the right way, and become a warning sign when you are not. There is a video of this intriguing concept after the jump if you aren’t already sold on it yet.

AIDA is more than a navigation system, though. It is intelligent enough to remember where you have been, and from this information determines your driving habits. It uses a lot of sensors to gather intel, and will even let you know when you’re low on gas, and where is the best place to stop for gasoline on your way.

AIDA is still concept for now, and is under development by MIT SENSElab, MIT’s Media Lab’s Personal Robots Group, as well as the Volkswagen Group of America’s Electronics Research Lab.

Oral Sex Light Illuminates Your Dongle

Oral Sex LightThe product is called the Oral Sex Light. We're not too sure much of an explanation except NSFW explanation image mentioned below.

New Gadgets Philips Dcp850 Portable Dvd Player

New Gadgets Philips

Leaf and Branch Magnet Board


Natural beauty is an all-pervading presence, and this time, you’ll find it just inside your house. Attach any reminders you need to the metal branch with magnetic leaves, what can you see then? It’s a tree blooming with multiple leaves, as if it is bringing you back to the forest.

Zune Chair


The Apple has attracted numerous fanatic fans all over the world, and so has Microsoft. Inspired from the Zune player, designers have designed chairs in the shape of the Zune logo. As it also seems like a nest, it may fit the Nest-type Beijing Olympic Stadium perfectly.


Slim Sony PSP Gadget Model

Hey, All you cool people, check this out- Slim Sony PSP gadget model. The model is really slim as the Sony PSP....

We are curious to know, what do you think, who is more slim & slutty, whether SONY PSP OR it's model.

No Snow: Ski Simulator To The Rescue

No Snow: Ski Simulator To The Rescue
With the Ski Simulator, you no longer need to wait for your next snow vacation or travel to far off mountain ski resorts to enjoy skiing.

Available through Pro Idee, the Ski Home Simulator offers you the thrills of skiing as it vibrates, rotates and tilts down 30 different courses.

It’s a step up from the We Ski game but the price difference is substantial as this pro ski simulator costs $2300. If money is tight but this is something you’d be interested in, look at it this way, if you forgo a winter ski trip vacation one year, you’d save the money for airfare, a ski chalet, and ski passes which would probably be enough to pay for this rather fun simulator.

The smartest new gadgets put grand ideas in the palm of your hand

Intelligent Design1. GUARD

Two for one: Julbo's Explorer sunglasses are full-featured for mountaineering but suitable for a day hike. Moldable temples provide a secure, comfortable fit, and removable side shields protect against wind and glare. The polarized and photochromic Chameleon lenses come with an antifog coating. $170;

The whole world just got brighter. Black Diamond's Icon headlamp, with a three-watt LED, works with BD's NRG Battery System (sold separately, $30), a rechargeable battery and universal adapter kit. $60;

Casio's solar-powered Pathfinder uses the same atomic time-keeping technology as NASA and the U.S. military and has a built-in antenna that enables the watch to adjust to different time zones on the fly. Bonus: It also comes with a digital compass, altimeter, thermometer, and titanium band. PAW 1200 T-7V, $350;

Apple's superslim second-generation Nano—at a whopping eight gigs—is the obvious choice for go-anywhere digital audio, thanks to its altitude-proof flash drive and tough new aluminum bod. Bonus: Pair it with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit ($29;, and you've got a killer training tool, too. $249;

Mountaineer Peter Whittaker helped design the one-handed Buck Whittaker X-Tract so he wouldn't have to let go of the rope to use his knife—or pliers, wire cutters, and screwdrivers. (The bottle opener, we imagine, is best used with two hands free.) You won't find a plastic toothpick here, just an ergonomic multitool with a carbon-steel blade. $50;

HP's iPAQ 5900 Travel Companion is a sleek do-it-all gadget made for digital road-trippin'. The Windows Mobile 5.0 handheld has voice-guided GPS navigation (U.S. and Canadian maps preinstalled), wireless e-mail, and 64MB of memory for storing music files and photos. The pocket-friendly unit weighs just six ounces. $599;

Sony Rolls Out Goofy Music Player: The Rolly

Sony Rolls Out Goofy Music Player: The Rolly
Is Sony's egg cracked? Japan never ceases to amaze me with its abundance of new gadgets. The most recent gizmo to come from Japan, the Sony Rolly, is no exception.
Unveiled on Monday, the Rolly is an egg-shaped music player that can flap and rotate its robotic wings, gyrate across the floor, and spin up a storm amidst a neon show of green and blue lighting.
Sony Rolls Out Goofy Music Player: The Rolly

In addition to playing back music from its internal memory the Rolly can also receive music streamed via a Bluetooth connection.

As far as I'm concerned the best part of the Rolly is its reported ability to analyze music and come up with the dance moves. Users can even program the Rolly's moves themselves.

The gadget is small enough to fit in your hand and comes standard with 1GB of internal memory (some 500 songs, though programing the Rolly with more complex dance moves will diminish that capacity), stereo speakers, and a five hour battery life.

It goes on sale in Japan on September 29 for equivalent of about $353 U.S.. No word whether it will make to the U.S. for sale. My fingers are crossed it will.

Megatron is angry you haven’t seen his movie yet!!

So maybe you’re thinking that Transformers is a dumb toy commercial.

While it is based on the toys made in the early 80’s by Hasbro (Thank you Hasbro!) However the writing crew did a great job binding together a story that parallels the atmosphere of the original Gen I Transformers, while bringing new, and clearly up to date ideas to the big screen

and introduce a whole new generation to the joys of Peter Cullen and his voice (hint, he sounds a lot like Optimus Prime).

You’re probably wondering also, did they make good looking robots?

Are there ridiculous Michael Bay explosions, battles, and chase scenes?

Did I nearly blow out my kidneys so I could stay and watch the whole movie?

Well of course, the answer is D, all of the above.

Read on for slightly juicier Transformer info (no spoilers, but good reasons to see it, you know, if you like having fun)

A few words about the new stars in it who you’ll be seeing waaayyy too much in the near future.

Megan Fox…wow, she seems nice.

Shia Labeouf,, can you say Indiana Jones 4, while keeping the old Even Stevens magic alive. This dude is hilarious and, one hell of an actor, who knew?!

Can you say really funny scenes that you don’t expect…(on purpose, not accidental…I’m looking at you Underworld!)

You’ll also gain an entirely new appreciation for eBay (watch…then you’ll know).

Oh yeah…and yes, it’s a deluge of GM vehicles, but you will want the new Camaro by the middle of the movie too.

One final note that’s pretty important…

THE ROBOTS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! (I cannot repeat this enough).

These effects are simply staggering not since Jurassic Park has anything put you on your ear where you forget there are effects and treat the effects as actors (Yoda and Smeagol I know).

Thank you Mr. Bay and Mr. Spielberg for not screwing up the good memories of my childhood. Oh, and I have one request – How about a little Wheeljack next time!!!

Oh yeah…and Steorn is total crap. This is in no way related to the Transformers movie, but it had to be said. (that was me being petty and pointing out physics principles tend to hold true on this planet, though Cybertron may be slightly different).

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Darth Vader Wall Clock

GeekAlerts presented this amazing Darth Vader Wall clock that has sound effects and evil eyes. Still, Darth Vader is a villain for the History Books, so it makes it a perfect Time telling Star Wars gadget.

Darth Vader Wall Clock

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Light Sabers
I have mentioned before that my brother always dreamed of Becoming a Real Transformer and a Jedi Knight. At least with these light sabers, he could be a step closer to acting like a Jedi. with three different Light Sabers available from, many could hold the powerful weapon to use for intimidation or fear.

A Chance to Try the BlackBerry 8830

A Chance to Try the BlackBerry 8830As a cell-phone user who was eager for a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, I was eager to finally try out the BlackBerry 8830.

The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition is definitely designed for business people on the go. In fact, it claims to be “the first CDMA smartphone capable of roaming globally on GSM/GPRS networks”. This means you can pretty much travel the world without having to change your phone, your phone number, or your e-mail.

I had to admit that using a BlackBerry takes a little getting used to. The 8830 has this tiny track-ball mouse for interface that is reminiscent of Atari’s Centipede video game. However, once I used the Setup Wizard, the BlackBerry opened up to me.

In a matter of minutes, I had figured out how to view my email online, and could surf the web. As a newbie to smartphones, I have quickly discovered that there are some limitations to surfing the web online with a tiny screen.

Feature: Techies Use Wood to Build Functional Gadgets

cars gadget

GreenEye uses current wireless infrastructures

Jusi Timonen - United States

Want to know how many gallons of oil it took to import that natural spring water? What about importing a foreign-made car. Does the lifecycle of the vehicle warrant the energy used to transport it thousands of miles? Or the workers who made these sneakers--were the conditions environmentally safe? GreenEye is a gadget that will inform consumers about the TRUE ecological footprint of any product--from consumer electronics to groceries.

GreenEye uses current wireless infrastructures (GSM, 3G and Wi-fi networks) through bluetooth compatible mobile devices, e.g., a bluetooth mobile phone (who doesn't have one?) to communicate with expanding consumer product global databases—a neutral database created by GreenEye and nonprofit environmental organizations or other interested groups (e.g., universities, research organizations, NGOs).

How does it work? The user sets the current location information (e.g., Los Angeles, CA) and waves the looking glass over a product's barcode (or recognizable trademark logo). GreenEye downloads the standardized package of sustainability information; this information is displayed on its OLED display (through lenses of recycled glass) and includes:

1. Sustainability score based on current location
2. Energy used
3. Carbon footprint
4. Logistics / locality
5. Materials / packaging
6. Health effects / toxicity
7. Social aspect / fair-trade values
8. Recycling / life cycle

The micro-sized laser scanner and low megapixel digital camera allow for product brand graphics recognition making it visually interesting and easy to understand on the spot.

GreenEye is compatible with PC and MAC software, which communicates with the global database and creates a profile of products purchased over time. The user can also add products not tagged onsite and the information will compile a profile over time of the user's ecological footprint and make suggestions for better product choices.

GreenEye looks and functions as a magnifier on a necklace. The gadget is connected to a cord by a USB connector clip. The cord is actually the battery called Organic Radical Battery and is ultra-flexible and environmentally friendly (it does not contain any harmful metals).

The GreenEye main body is manufactured either from injection-molded, recycled thermoplastics or made from various recycled metals from aluminum to precious metals. Users have a choice in its manufacturing and choosers of the precious metal option are guaranteed that the product will be recycled properly and purely to the value of material itself.

At the end of its life, if not recycled, it can be reused as a quality magnifying glass.

GreenEye is a nonprofit organization that funds the database and supports other nonprofit environmental organizations that protect resources. GreenEye's mission is to make the gadget available to all users through any mobile device.

Dude, can I crash on your Athena Sofa?

Home Automation
Normally, when you spend the night sleeping on your friend’s couch, you’re usually in for a second-rate experience. I mean, the best you can hope for is that it folds out into a bed.

In the case of the Athena sofa, I could easily make it into an office. I mean, it has an LCD in each armrest that are integrated by a multimedia PC.

As you can see, these screens pop out of the armrests itself and flatten themselves out when not in use. (I wouldn’t rest my coffee cup there, though. At least not without a coaster.)

I see that one of them has a keyboard, but if they were touchscreens, then I’d have a fun time running all my operations with Windows 7.

The Athena sofa also comes with an iPhone and iPod dock, and a set of hidden speakers that include an 8-inch subwoofer.

Like I said before, I could easily live here. I would imagine that after a few days, I would de-evolve into a giant single-cell organism and be the first actual couch potato.

Of course, there is a price to pay for such comfort. In this case, the price is about $15,436. I’m assuming that is the price without the moving cost.

Harman Kardon GLA-55 speakers

Home TheaterAnyone in the know (or even the average clueless Joe on the street) will definitely rate Harman Kardon as above average compared to the other speaker solutions out there in the market, and they have good reason to believe so. Harman Kardon’s latest foray into the world of speakers would comprise of the GLA-55 – a stylized multimedia focal point that boasts breathtaking beauty, impeccable sound technology and functionality. Anyone who brings a pair of this home won’t be disappointed, seeing that it comes with numerous proprietary technologies which will deliver the highest audio quality, featuring astonishing bass and clear accurate sound regardless of the direction. Touted to be the top of the class where 2.0 speaker systems are concerned, the GLA-55 will fit in nicely with home and office décor regardless of your home design.

The Harman Kardon GLA-55 speakers are more or less compatible with virtually all audio device which comes with an analog output, where these will include (but are not limited to) MP3 and CD players, desktop and laptop computers, satellite radio, portable media players and other home audio systems. The GLA-55 is able to handle just about any tune with aplomb while looking good doing it, featuring a bass reflex enclosure and custom copper tubing, Atlas woofers and the CMMD tweeters for that ear shattering experience. In order to keep up with the times, the GLA-55 also comes with DSP (digital signal processing) equalization, touch-sensitive volume controls and a fully visible audio engine and port that ought to set pulses racing.

Among the features available on the Harman Kardon GLA-55 include the following :-

  • Atlas AL and CMMD Transducers
  • Slipstream Port Design
  • COE (Computer Optimized Equalization)
  • OCT (Optimized Compression Topology)

There is only one ‘color’ so to speak to choose from, where it will be available in clear with chrome accents. Expect to fork out a cool $999.99 to have this thing of beauty in your living room this Christmas.