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Bikini with built-in UV meter

Bikini with built-in UV meter

Now that you’re all maybe starting to think about your summer holidays, it might be an idea to think about ordering one of these cool bikinis with a built-in UV meter, especially if you’re a sun and sand type like me.

We’ve already featured a hand held UV meter on Coolest Gadgets, but the SmartSwim Bikini from Solestrom is the world’s first bikini to have a meter built into the fabric.

The meter is battery-powered with a lifetime of up to two years; and is waterproof of course! The UV meter displays an intensity “level” of ultra violet intensity on a scale from 0 to 20.

A person’s sensitivity to UV depends mainly on skin type, but as a general guide a level of 3-5 would be considered a moderate UV strength, with 8-10 being “very high” and anything above 11+ being extreme.

I had a look around the site to see if there were any men’s swimming trunks with a UV meter, but alas Solestrom only seem to offer products for women.

The SmartSwim Bikini costs about $170, but bear in mind that the stand alone UV meter we already featured cost around $25, and wasn’t waterproof.