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New Gadget - Nokia N900

New Gadget - Nokia N900
Nokia reportedly will soon release a new phone, the Nokia N900 at the end of October. Nokia N900's HSUPA-capable 3G will be thrown into the market at a price of 599 euros or approximately Rp8, 4 million. Previously it was reported that the Finnish handset maker will soon issue-based mobile operating system Linux, Maemo 5 in October 2009. But there is no certainty whether Nokia will be issued in early or mid-October.

Nokia N900 prepared a new weapon on the market Nokia smart phone. The cell phone marks a new phase in the evolution of software. Maemo, the Linux-based software embedded on the Nokia N900 is claimed promising performance will be superior handset.

Maemo 5 capability allows users of the Nokia N900 can have dozens of open windows and applications that run simultaneously. N900 is also equipped with a processor ARM Cortex-A8, up to 1GB memory applications and acceleration OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics. It produces a variety of equipment like a mobile computer multitasking.

In addition, the N900 presents WVGA touch screen features a high resolution and high speed internet access with WLAN and 10 / 2 HSPA. For the photography business, a combination of software and technology N900 Maemo will help users get the picture clear and sharp from 5MP camera equipped with Carl Zeiss optics.