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Bluetooth Car Speaker: Speaker Hooks to Steering

With all the hands-free cell phone laws popping up around the country, more and more people are installing Bluetooth systems in their cars. And if that’s too spendy for you and you’re not a big fan of sticking those funny looking things into your ears, then maybe this will interest you.

This Steering Wheel Bluetooth Adapter allows you to speak directly into your steering wheel. It features a microphone and speakers, an LCD display, SD port, USB and FM-Out and just clips onto your steering wheel. And it’s affordable, costing only $63.

Of course, this thing needs a power source. Which means, you guessed it, you have to plug it into your lighter. Which would making a U-turn very tricky when you’re talking to Aunt Mary on Main Street.

Apparently engineers thought mounting this thing on the dashboard was too dangerous for drivers.

Well, there is a wireless feature I guess, but it has to be charged every now and then.