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Lomak: Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard


I love gadgets and gizmos not because they are cool piece of hardware but because this hardware technology is eternal and can never end. Though its a fact that new gadgets soon become obsolete but with every new generation we get to see a new technology and with every new technology we get to see a new gadget and thats how it works. Recently I encountered a gadget that was not only worth reviewing but is indeed one of the most unique gadgets I have ever seen in my life.

Lomak: Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard

Lomak (Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard) is a new computer support hardware device designed specially for people who are unable to use or have difficulty in using the standard mouse and keyboard. The specialty of this device is that it uses beam of light as a means of communication between the user and the computer. A hand or head pointer controls a beam of light that highlights then confirms the key or mouse functions on the keyboard. By confirming each key, only the correct selection is entered, which reduces errors and increases input speed.


Lomak Features

This new concept device is no doubt very unique and so are all of its features but here are some of the detailed feaures of Lomak

  • Ergonomic layout with keys arranged in circles
  • Each key, or mouse function, must be confirmed before that "Key-stroke" is sent to the computer
  • Reduces errors and accidental inputs and improves the input speed
  • USB Plug and play with lightweight body and does not require software to run
  • Uses less power and can be used in a number of different ways

The Great new Concept

Lomak can be called as the new generation keyboard that will make user-computer interaction more healthy and will prevent users from developing the pain and stress like from those standard user keyboards. This will also allow people with physical disabilities to use computer in a much painless manner and ensure a healthy living. The Lomak concept idea is so good that it just won the gold medal at the 2007 IDEA design awards.

If you want to see this great concept device in action just watch the video below and tell me your views about it (Please reload page to play video because its auto-play).