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As a tech guy I am always looking at new gadgets. I will admit I rarely look to buy because electronics are not cheap, especially on the cutting edge. But, I love to keep up with what could be “The Next Big Thing” out of personal curiosity.

If you one of these people and you have not found yet, well there it is (<= over there). Go get it. Want to know more? Okay, let me explain. has a simple premise: it is just a blog about personal electronics. It has an utterly simple design and is updated daily by multiple writers. It’s long on nice pictures and will not waste your time with overwritten multi-page articles, though it occasionally links back to these on other web sites. It covers just about everything from trendy smart phones to new laptops, from next-gen cars to alternate energy. It even has a whole sections dedicated to mobile devices and televisions. For my own use I am researching possibilities for a new laptop and a replacement for my dreadful MotoQ. makes it easy for me to keep up with all that is new in tech easily, without having to scour multiple tech sites.