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Review Of The Alter-G “G-Trainer”

Cool-Gadgets-AlteA truly unique opportunity came up for the crew of Gadget King. A great friend of ours, Phil Yeh (Marketing Executive) got us a meeting with the wizards at Alter-G, the cutting edge company making the gravity defying treadmill called the G-Trainer. So we packed our camera and took a trip to bring you the scoop on this amazing device. Alter-G, Inc is located in Menlo Park, California with manufacturing plant in Wisconsin (yep, it’s made in the USA). Upon our arrival, we met up with our friend Phil Yeh and Ed Liou (Engineering Project Manager) as well as Tom Allen (Business Development). Ed Liou and Tom Allen, were kind enough to give us the tour of the place, answer a ton of questions, and even got Phil and our own Gadget King, Russ, on the G-Trainer.

The Alter-G treadmill is a unique state of the art super-gadget, which recently got FDA approval to be called a medical device. The G-Trainer enables individuals to reduce their body weight easily by as much as 80 percent, while offering the benefit of unrestricted mobility. The G-Trainer has a funky space-age look of a treadmill enclosed in the pressure-bag and height harness, with a multifunction touch sensitive LCD control panel. Nearly everything about the G-Trainer is proprietary. The bag is custom hand made with proprietary materials to Alter-G’s specifications. The blower enclosure is specially designed to operate at a high efficiency and low volume with no chance of blowing up or putting undue pressure on the body. The entire apparatus is surprisingly quiet. The base treadmill has the standard speed and incline variables. It is custom made to Alter-G’s specifications by Woodway USA. Alter-G has filed and been granted a number of patents that make the whole system pretty much exclusive to them.